Tata Contaf Plus Fungicides

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Technical Content :  Hexaconazole 5 % SC 


Usage :  

  • DOSAGE - 2 ml/ liter of water.


Crop Insect/Pest
Mango Powdery mildew
Rice Sheath blight
Grapes Powdery mildew


Features & Benefits :  

  • Contaf plus is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide having protective, curative and antisporulant activity.
  • It provides phytotonic effect with longer duration of disease control.
  • It is a safer formulation having rain fastness effect.


Description  : 

  • Contaf Plus is a systemic triazole fungicide. Contaf Plus has broad-spectrum action against ascomycetes, basidiomycetes and fungi imperfection. Contaf Plus is ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor thereby controlling growth and reproduction of plant fungal pathogens. It is useful for controlling Powdery mildew, Rust and Leaf spots in cereals, oil crops, horticultural and plantation crops and also for the effective control of Rice Sheath Blight.