PI Brofreya Insecticides

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PI Brofreya , DETAILS


It is a highly effective Novel Mode of action insecticide for the control of Shoot & fruit borer, Thrips & Jassids in Brinjal, Diamond Back Moth & Tobacco Caterpillar in Cabbage, Fruit Borer, Tobacco Caterpillar, Thrips & Jassids in Chilli, Fruit & Shoot Borer, Thrips & Jassids in okra.


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TARGETS : Thrips, Fruit & Shoot Borer, Jassids

DOSAGE : 50ML/Acre

CROPS : Brinjal, Chilli, Cabbage, Okra

*The information provided is only for reference purpose. Since the actual field usage of the product is beyond our control, we assure only the uniform quality of the product. Further, we recommend to read and follow the label directions for specific product.