Srusti S-Iron (FeEDTA-12%Fe)

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S-Iron (FeEDTA-12%Fe)

Chelate is a special organic compound in which Iron ions remains bound or clawed (Ligand). This prevents the conversion of Iron ion into insoluble compounds when it comes in contact with other compounds in soil or in the plant.

Iron is an important nutrient for plant growth. Iron deficiency result in chlorosis and low quality crop. Therefore, Fe EDTA widely used in agriculture as Iron fertilizer to supply Iron ion to the plants.

How Does a Chelate Work?

Iron chelation is an important because it makes Iron ions more available for uptake by plants. Positively charged Fe+2, readily react with negatively charged hydroxide ions (OH-), making them unavailable to plants. OH-ions are abundant in alkaline or neutral soils and soil-less medias. The ligand coats the Iron ion, protecting it from the surrounding OH- ions. The complex is then easily taken up by the plant, where it is degraded and consumed as micronutrient.

Sulfate salts of Iron

Are become rapidly unavailable to the plant in the soil.
During fertigation these salts are react with Ca and Phosphates, which leads to precipitate and clog drippers.
Chelate Form is 100% Water Soluble and readily available to the plants

ADVANTAGES OF Chelated S Iron Fertilizer:

  • Fe EDTA is at least three times more effective than Ferrous Sulphate in so far as uptake is concerned.
  • Fe EDTA easily translocated within the plants, because unlike Ferrous Sulphate it is partly systemic.
  • Because of its organic structure chelates are readily absorbed by roots and easily assimilated within the plant system.
  • Fe EDTA can be easily combined with N-P-K foliar spraying or any other micro-nutrient without forming any insoluble precipitate.
  • Fe EDTA can easily apply through drip irrigation along with other water soluble fertilizers.
  • Fe EDTA is also compatible with other agro chemicals.
  • S Iron (Fe-EDTA)

Physical appearance : Free flowing crystalline powder
Iron content (Expressed as Fe), percent by weight minimum in the form of Fe-EDTA : 12.0
Lead percent by weight Max.: 0.003
pH : 5.5-6.5