Syngenta Isabion (Bio Stimulant)

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Technical Content : 

  • Amino acid and Nutrient-Based Bio Stimulant



  • A natural biostimulant, Isabion contains a well-balanced mix with optimal ratio between short chain peptides, long chain peptides and free amino acids.
  • Isabion is the world’s purest and the most concentrated product of Amino acids of natural origin. Isabion, enables the plant to increase yield and quality of produce naturally. 



  • Photosynthesis & Action on Stomas - Increase Cholorophyll Concentration only, resulting Crop Lush Green.
  • Pollination & Fruit Formation - Helping transportation of pollen, good fruitset, early harvest.
  • Chelating Effect - Easy upkate and transportation of Micronutrients.
  • Activators - Ethylene Synthesis, Induces Synthesis of Flower and Fruit related Hormones.
  • Stress Resistance - Prevention and Recovery.



  • Isabion helps the crops in mitigating the damage done by hail, phytotoxicity, parasites and diseases, drought etc.
  • It is easily absorbed by the plant immediately on application.


  • Organic biostimulant of roots, leaves, flowers and fruits on every kind of crop: Fruit trees - Citrus, Grapes, Mango, Apple, Pomegranate & other fruits; Vegetables- Tomato, Chilli, Brinjal, Cole crops, Potato, Cucurbits, Onion and all leafy vegetables, field crops etc.

Time Of Application

  • Isabion is recommended during the active growth phases of the production cycle, in nurseries and in young plantations.
  • Isabion allows flexibility of usage as foliar spray.
  • The number of applications & timings depends on the crop, however application at the time of transplantation, flowering, fruit setting, ripening are the most important.


  • Spray 400 ml/acre or 2 ml/lit in foliar application.