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Technical Name : Zineb 68% + Hexaconazole 4%


Usage : 

Mode of Action

  • It is a unique combination of Contact and systemic fungicide. Its contact part is Zineb which is a broad-spectrum fungicide with protective action and Hexaconazole is a unique highly systemic triazole fungicide, acting as protective, curative and eradicant with strong antisporulant and translaminar action.



Crop Insect/Pest Formulation gm /ha Water / ha
Paddy Sheath Blight, Brown Spot, Blast, Grain Discoloration 1000-1250 500
Tea Black Rot, Grey Blight, Blister Blight 625 250-500
Apple Scab, Premature Leaf Fall, Alternaria Leaf Spot/ Blight, Powdery Mildew, Core Rot 0.25 % or 25 gm /10 liters water 10 liters / Tree
Maize Maydis Leaf Blight , Turcicum Blight 1250 500
Cotton Leaf Spots, Boll rot 1250 500


Features :  

  • Avtar is a unique combination fungicide, besides controlling many diseases provides Zinc nutrition also.
  • Its sprays result in dark green coloured healthy leaves & ultimately increase in yield.
  • Very effective for disease resistance management.
  • It is safe to foliage, blossoms and fruits of many plants.
  • Safe fungicide with low toxicity to mammals, fish, birds and natural enemies.


About Product

  • Avtar is a Broad-spectrum fungicide, which controls large number of diseases with its multisite and systemic action. Avatar is an effective fungicide that is useful for all crops and vegetables.